Family is first, and after that I’m all startups and business. I’m a husband, father, entrepreneur, geek, startup founder, advisor, aspiring VC, bootstrapper, occasional blogger, and all around nice guy. I’ve lived all over the country including silicon valley and I’m passionate about technology, design, data, and entrepreneurship.

From my early days as a professional motorcycle rider to my current position as founding partner of Beckett Farms; a hybrid startup farm where we cultivate ideas and turn the best ones into successful companies that attract both human and financial capital. We are not a traditional venture fund, accelerator, or an incubator, but at the intersection of all these things. And, sometimes we right checks, but we do it out way. I’m also the California statewide leader for UP Global and the co- founder and chairman of Free Lunch Friday.

Previous to Beckett Farms; Entrepreneur 10+ years, founded 5 companies, had my fair share of failures, created more than 100+ jobs, $90 plus million in yearly revenue (Private companies), built a professional motocross team for Kawasaki & Monster Energy, founded a digital agency that grew to 25+ employees, 2 locations, 300+ clients, and several million in revenue, and have had the honor to work with several top brands: American Airlines, Harley Davidson, Sprint, Lenovo, Wolverine Worldwide, Kawasaki, Monster Energy Drink, Smith Optics, Spy, Sprint, HJC Helmets, Wasserman Media Group, Yamaha, Suzuki, YMCA, FCA, to name a few. Working closely with startups and brands, I’ve helped to define profitable new growth opportunities and built the products, design, systems, marketing, strategy, distribution, metrics, and funding to help make them a reality.

At Beckett Farms we test a number of ideas in the following spaces: mobile, social, robotics, construction, E-commerce, 3D printing, maker, crowdfunding, real estate, medical, wearable computing, among others we have domain expertise, strong connections, or find interesting.

We partner with leading venture firms, angel groups, online platforms and other strategic investors and partners to provide the resources needed to maximize the potential of our companies.

We are insanely focused on helping our companies with product and marketing, customer development, design and usability, online distribution, business metrics, and fundraising.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife Sarah and my incredible Son Daniel, mountain biking, cycling, riding motocross, writing, and reading.


Over the years I’ve learned what it means to succeed and fail at startups and I have the scuffs and stories to prove it.

After getting my ass kicked in the startup world I quickly learned to stick to my strengths: competitor, activator, futuristic, constructive input, and achiever. I recommend you do the same – this took me years to learn, but once I got it right, it literally changed my life.

This post and many others can be found here on my personal blog and website where you can find and keep up to date with me.

I like to write about startups, entrepreneurship, strategy, marketing, leadership, motivation, and every once in a while the random things that inspire me.

Why do I care about blogging? Well, I’m here to try and add some value to the bigger picture and hope that someone reads it and gains something. I also want to share relevant content, discuss ideas, tell stories, and build community together.

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I’m an entrepreneur which means I’m curious about everything and it’s pretty easy to find a common area of interest with me. Check out my website, follow me on twitter @dannybeckettjr, read my blog and learn more, and, finally, reach out – keep in mind the best way to reach me is through a connection.

Lastly, send me a link to your work or something you’ve done so I can learn more about you and how we could work together. This will prove that you took the time to read this and then give me the motivation to want to follow through.

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